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Enthusiastic manufacturer / financer/participant / interested to make a success of the further develop of the automatic cheese maker (CheeseMaker).

Thank you for your attention.

My name is Gerard Juurlink. I have been working in a wide variety of roles within the dairy industry for 40 years, of which 35 years at DOC (Dutch Original Cheese). During these years there have been numerous developments within the industry. I have always been one of the driving forces behind innovations at the companies I worked for.

Now I feel the time is ripe for the next step in innovative cheese making: a compact, fully automatic cheese making machine, called the Milk2Cheese. The machine can be installed locally at a farm.

CheeseMaker Capacity:


*  In essence, the capacity of the machine is only limited by the amount of available milk. However, the current design has a capacity varying between one to three millions kilogram milk a year;

*  The machine is 24/7 operational with minimum required manpower;

*  In combination with a milking robot, the milk can be processed directly from the cow to the machine. This way it is possible to produce farm cheese.  


*  Suitable for all sizes of cheese;

*  Small scale profitable;

*  Recipes programmable.

CheeseMaker Benefits:

*  The Milk2Cheese uses the heat of freshly milked milk to coagulate the milk (milk comes from a cow at 37 degrees, the required temperature is 30 to 31 degrees);

*  The heat recovered from the cheese whey can be used for the preparation of washing water and cleaning water. The Milk2Cheese can be self-sufficient in her heat requirement;

*  The milk is immediately processed to product, there is no need for cooling the milk;

*  Fresh milk from the udder works somewhat bactericidal for the first few hours which prevents bacterial growth;

*  The Milk2Cheese has an fully automated process. There is no need for hand contact with whey or curd which is typical for small scale cheese making.

In summary:

The Milk2Cheese will produce a wide variety of cheese in a sustainable manner. The process requires little manual labor and is highly hygienic.


I am very keen to make this project a success and I hope to achieve this with you.

Please contact me if you can do something for the project.

Kind regards,

Gerard Juurlink

Mail: info@dairy-innovation.eu